What is PrimeBox?


PrimeBox is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. It works in a similar way to eBay, AirBnb, Uber, etc.

Sellers create Boxes of content and set a price, buyers pay the requested price to open the Boxes.

PrimeBox is an ecommerce platform designed for the sale of documents, photos and videos.

PrimeBox is specifically designed for content creators.


With PrimeBox you can make as many Boxes as you like and you decide the price for your work.

  • You decide the price and licensing agreement for your Boxes and publish them for sale.
  • Your PrimeBox personal page becomes your online digital shop that you can share on your other websites to direct your audience to your work for sale.
  • When a Box is sold you receive 100% of your asking price. We put a commission on top of your price. The commission is paid by the buyer.
  • It's 100% free to use as your online digital shop.


PrimeBox is also your Blogging platform

  • PrimeBox gives you all the tools you need to be successful at selling your work, from blogging about what you do to run your own e-shop for digital content.
  • With PrimeBox you can write articles and use your PrimeBox page as a place to talk about your passions and gain followers.
  • Your articles can be easily shared and the technology behind your pages will work perfectly with your SEO strategy.

PrimeBox is for everyone

Whether you are a health coach, a passionate home cook, or knowledgeable in your areas of expertise, you can use PrimeBox to monetise your knowledge.

At PrimeBox we work for you

  • You can reach our support team at any time. We are always available to help you out.
  • We keep building promotional tools that you can use to be as successful as possible at selling your content.
  • Your sales and payments are visible in the analytics page and we keep you constanly up to date on your successes.

Feel free to get in touch by sending us an email at info@primebox.co