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Upload your photos, videos, documents and files in general into digital Boxes and sell them for any price you like.

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We help content creators monetise their digital work.


Bloggers and Podcasters

Monetising Premium Content

Are you a blogger or a podcaster? Don't give away your content for free. Upload your premium content into digital Boxes and sell them for any price you want.

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Photographers and Digital Artists

Selling Stock Photography and Custom Work

Are you tired of stock photography sites taking a large cut of your profit? Upload your photos and videos into digital Boxes and receive immediate payments.

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Users selling their digital work

I upload the Premium Content from each Podcast episode. I have been able to have a noticeable increase in my revenue thanks to PrimeBox. My supporters are always happy to pay an extra amount for special content that is not available through my open channels and it's a great way to create a community of people interested in a certain topic.

I sell my stock to agencies, businesses and private users. It's a great way to monetise my portfolio and all of my existing catalogue. My Boxes are divided by theme, subject and price and buyers can choose from different options depending on their needs and budget.

I love PrimeBox because I can easily upload and sell videos for different purposes on the same page. My Boxes contain a mix of photos, videos and editing templates for the most popular editing softwares. Somtimes I also include Adobe Premiere templates that people can download and use in their own projects.

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