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Who is Josh?

I love sports and in my spare time I have been experimenting with building timber furniture. I value simplicity and design. In my Boxes I show a few easy ways to build basic items that will serve you well in your daily lives. My Boxes contain video tutorials and pdf plans/instructions that you can use to easily replicate my creations. Feel free to drop me a message if you need more information or if you have any questions at

joshsmith Japanese style bed #bed #diy #japanese #wood #timber #simple #bricolage

Open Box for $8.67

In this Box I have uploaded a video of me building a simple "Japanese style bed". This is something that can be done by anyone. You will just need some simple tools and access to pine wood. I have also included a few drawings showing the dimensions, cuts and joints.
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joshsmith Timber Shed/Man Cave #shed #timber #mancave #hobby #wood #garden

Open Box for $43.35

Simple shed in treated pine wood with Colorbond roof. This project may required a little bit more expertise in the handling of timber and it will require some extra tools as well for the cutting of all parts. I would recommend to consider buying the Colorbond roof cut to measure. The Box contains a few videos covering the various stages and construction plans.
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joshsmith Bed side table #bedside #table #recycled #timber #wood #diy #hobby

Open Box for $13

Simple bed side table with the option of using recycled timber. I did this over a weekend with spare timber pieces from previous jobs. You could either buy some rough timber or look for recycled elements that you can adapt to this job. The Box contains a few videos and drawings with measures. You will only need some basic tools. This is a project for everyone.
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joshsmith Coffee shop style table #table #coffeeshop #timber #wood #recycled #kitchen #workshop #diy

Open Box for $33.81

This coffee shop style table is another job for everyone. You can source the required timber for the job or use recycled parts. The Box contains a few videos of the various stages and also a video of me selecting the needed parts. This job will require a little bit more attention but with care and patience it can be done by anyone. The Box also contains a few drawings.
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