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Certified IIN health coach and level 2 reiki practitioner

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Sugar is ubiquitous in our modern lives, and the science says it's ageing us and making us sick. We all know it's time to quit, but where to start? Join my 4 week detox program that creates healthy habits for life. In less than a month, you will break your sugar addiction, transform your relationship with food, feel more energised, less sluggish, sleep better, stabilise your moods and balance your hormones. The Box contains all the information you need, plus 4 weeks of easy, well balanced meal plans (with plenty of leftovers for quick lunches) that can be adapted for different dietary requirements (vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free), shopping lists, video recipes and our team's contact details for ongoing support. Is this Box for you? Please feel free to send me a message. For more in depth consultations I offer 30-60-90min Skype calls that can be purchased as digital vouchers.
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hollywells Sugar Reset #sugarfree #sugarfreelife #sweetlifewithoutsugar #ecourse #primeboxsugarfree #healthcoach #healthyliving #paleofriendly #veganfriendly #recipes

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You've completed my Sweet life without sugar course, but life got in the way and it's time to press a reset button? Join my comprehensive yet simple 21 day Sugar Reset, break your sugar and carbs addiction and find your food freedom. The Box contains 21 additional recipes and helpful life hacks on how to lead a sugar free life when travelling, eating out, going to parties etc. You will also receive a weekly support email for the following 6 months to help keep you on track.
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hollywells Fuel for life #sugarfree #sugarfreelife #sweetlifewithoutsugar #ecourse #primeboxsugarfree #healthcoach #healthyliving #paleofriendly #veganfriendly #recipes #cooking #cleanliving #familyfood

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Your body needs food for fuel, and you need good fuel to live your best life. But that doesn't mean saying no to pleasure - food choices can be delicious and healthy at the same time. Get access to my Fuel for life Box, and you will receive more than 120 scrumptious and healthy recipes, that are equally loved by less health conscious partners and children. Easily adaptable for different dietary requirements and family sizes, and organised by seasons for easier access to produce, these recipes are guaranteed to free you from worrying about what to put on the table. You will know that you are feeding you and your family meals that are both delicious and nutritious. The Box contains: 120+ healthy and delicious recipes Shopping lists Shopping tips Meal prep tips for busy people
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hollywells Food and hiking guide to Slovenia #slovenia #travel #hiking #food #roadtrip #europe #foodguide #hikingguide

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hollywells Paris is always a good idea - foodies' guide to the most romantic city in the world #paris #france #foodieguide #travelguide #healthytraveller #traditionalfoods #parisisalwaysagoodidea

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Of course France is THE place for gastronomy, and cuisine & cooking are a major part of culture here, and have been for centuries. Still it can be very modern, and Paris offers a huge range of possibilities for restaurants, from traditional to international cuisine. Being a healthy traveller doesn't mean forgoing the foodie experience: most of French traditional offerings are very nutrient dense, and can surely make up for occasional (and delicious!) croissant and pain au chocolat. All places advised are on the map further in this guide. Bon appetit!
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