With PrimeBox you can sell Boxes of documents, photos, videos and any other files.

It's very simple to use, you upload your documents and files, you set a price for your Box and it's done. All your Boxes are available to be purchased from your public page.

Below are a few answers to the most common questions, if you need more info please let us know how we can help by sending us an email at info@primebox.co

1. Is it free?

Yes. PrimeBox is 100% free to use. We put a commission on top of the price of Boxes.

2. What can I sell?

You can sell just the access to view your documents, like if you were selling a digital book.

You can also sell the license to use your documents and files, it's up to you.

3. How do I get paid?

We can send you money with PayPal or with a Bank Wire Transfer.

4. How can I maximise the sales of my content?

You are the best promoter of your content.

PrimeBox gives you a unique public page, primebox.co/YOUR_USERNAME, use this page to promote your content wherever you want. The more you promote it, the more Boxes you will sell.

Our most successful users promote regularly their public page and individual Boxes on other websites, social media channels, and through online networking (chats, communities, etc).

5. Can people subscribe to my content?

Yes. Anyone can subscribe to your public page and to your individual Boxes. Subscribers will be notified of new Boxes created by you and of new content added to existing Boxes.

6. How can I improve my visibility?

Make sure to add a good description to every Box.

People will be more inclined to buy if they can read about the content. Further more, your description will be picked up by Google and other search engines and it will be easier for people to find and buy your content.

Our most successful users explain in detail the content of their Boxes, describing what they are selling. This is important as we all want to spend money for something we like.

7. Is my content and copyright protected?

Yes. Your content is protected by Global Licensing Agreements.

You can decide how to license your content, for example personal use only.

We use global Copyright Standards for licensing agreements between the seller and buyer of content.

8. Do I own my content?

Yes. Your content is and will always be yours. No weird terms and conditions.

The copyright of your content is protected by our Copyright Policy

9. Can others download my content?

You decide if others can download your content or not.

You can set your content for download (or not) from the Box page.

Your content is protected from hot-linking. Other websites cannot link your documents (e.g. images) to their pages.

The download of content is enabled by default with all licensing agreements apart from "Personal use without download".

10. How much can I sell my digital content for?

You can set any price you wish for your Boxes of digital content. PrimeBox applies a commission fee on top of your price according to our commissions plan. The PrimeBox fee will be paid by the buyer of the Boxes.

11. What should the resolution be for my photos and videos?

Feel free to use high resolution photos and high definition videos. Even the original size is fine. Our servers will take care of reducing them for your web page.

12. What is PrimeBox's Copyright Policy?

This is our Copyright Policy.

13. What are PrimeBox's Terms of Use?

These are our Terms & Conditions.

Feel free to get in touch by sending us an email at info@primebox.co