Milk Kefir and Homemade Fresh Cheese
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juliapickle Kefir is a cultured, probiotic drink, that has been used for centuries to increase health and vitality. Though it's flavour is somehow similar to yoghurt, kefir contains 30-50 major strains of friendly bacteria and yeasts not commonly found in yogurt, that improve digestion and straighten the immune system. Kefir has exceptional health and curative properties. It is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B12, niacin, and folic acid. It has been used not only to promote health, but also as the way of preserving milk when there was no refrigeration. Huge amounts of colonies of good bacteria in kefir suppress any harmful bacterias, and create a tangy, delicious drink that has little to no lactose left and is ready to infuse it's magic qualities to your digestive system. Join me for a crash corse in kefir making, and find out what to do with leftover whey, how to make your own probiotic cream cheese, is there such a thing as too many kefir grains and how to use them once your friends get sick of you sharing them around. Making this simple drink on your own will give you enough confidence to try different types of fermentation, and my hope is it will empower you to take back the knowledge that has been taken away from us in this century of industrial food. #kefir #milkkefir #fermentation #guthealth #homemade #fermentingwithjulia #juliapickle
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