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Who is Brad?

I am a video professional. I have freelanced for more than 20 years in the TV broadcasting industry and I have worked both as a video operator and editor. I can help young video producers understand what it takes to become great at filming and editing videos.

bradatherton Digital SLR Tutorial #video #slr #filming #digital #professional

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In this Box I explain how to best use a Digital SLR camera to make beautiful cinematic videos and obtain professional results. I have included a few different video tutorials where I go through the settings of a typical Canon SLR camera (5D), these settings can be replicated across other types of cameras, so don't worry if you have a different camera. I also talk about lenses and how to choose the right lens for the job. You will also find a cheat-sheet with simple steps to make sure that you capture your videos correctly.
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bradatherton Professional Editing #video #editing #professional #tutorial #filming #producer #videoproduction

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This Box contains 10 clips showing how to use Adobe Premiere effectively and achieve great editing results. Each step is commented so that you can understand the logic behind each action. This is a simple course for beginners and it will help you get to the next stage in editing your videos. I also talk about tips, tricks and shortcuts to make the most out of the editing platform.
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bradatherton Video Production #video #production #producer #tutorials #professional #experience

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This is a step by step introduction to how to manage small video productions (e.g. corporate videos). The Box includes a few handy checklists to take with you on shoots and to use during the pre-production and post-production phases of any job. I have also included a video where I talk about my experiences in video productions and what to consider when approaching a customer with an idea for a video. Tips, tricks are included as well. There is also a section about how to communicate with camera operators and editors to make sure that you get what you need.
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